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Apple Wireless chargers are in a great trend because you don’t have to manage any wires as well as you don’t have to plug any wire in your phone to charge.

You just have to put your device on that wireless charger case as well as it will start charging automatically. Magnetic induction is used by wireless chargers to charge the device.

How does apple wireless charging works?

Secondly, the Wireless apple charger was introduced in march 2019 to charge apple products without connecting any cable.

It is compatible with many Apple devices like iPhone, iWatch, as well as the AirPods, charging case.

It reduces the hassle of putting charging cables now with the wireless charger you just have to put your iPhone or whatever Apple product (which supports wireless charging) you want to charge on the charger as well as it starts charging automatically. 

Advantages and drawbacks of wireless charging

Furthermore, there are a lot of advantages as well as drawbacks of Wireless charging

As everything has advantages as well as drawbacks so let us discuss some advantages first.


  • The benefit of having a wireless charger is that you don’t have to worry about cords again.
  • The apple wireless charger also works with some android devices.
  • As well as the best advantage of the wireless charger is that it is compatible with every device which supports wireless charging.
  • You don’t have to carry the different sizes of cables if you have different devices. 


  • The main disadvantage of wireless charging is that they charge your device slow as compared to a normal wired charger. 
  • The signals are transmitted wirelessly between the device as well as the charger but you still need to plug the charger into a wall so it makes it non-portable.

Does every device support wireless charging?

In addition, Apple iPhones now have adapted the QI standards and supports wireless charging.

Like the iPhone launched after iPhone 8 supports wireless charging but all devices don’t have an automatic stop when charged feature which can generate heat as well as it can damage your device.

How long does it take to charge a device using a wireless charger?

Moreover, we got this answer from your community like if we have a 7.5W wireless charger as well as an iPhone x so it takes around 10 minutes to charge 4%, 1 hour for 40% and 2 hours and 38 minutes for 100% So, we can assume that it charges at the same speed if a 5W charger, And if we compare it to the speed of Type C to lightning apple cable the speed of the wireless charger Is slow because it won’t have direct contact with the battery

It has a mobile back body in between so it is slower than a wired charger.

Is the Apple charger worth it?

Furthermore, this question is very easy to understand after reading advantages as well as disadvantages.

It has a simple answer like if you are buying an apple wireless charger so you are quitting the hassle of cables/wires it is just easy to charge your device by just putting it on it as well as pick it off when the battery is charged.


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