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Home Theatre - Enjoy movies at home- Shoptosmile

Nowadays home theatre is very common and useful as in lockdown people can’t visit the theatre.

So, home theatre is a very brilliant idea to enjoy the movie-like theatre in your own house and you can chill out with your family and friends and watch movies without visiting anywhere.  

Home theatre has many different components to make you give feel like you are watching a movie in the real theatre.

And it consists of a huge screen and an amazing sound system that supports sound surround.  

The 5 most important components of a Home Theatre are -:  

The display device or the screen   

What will be your display device is maybe an OLED tv? Maybe a 4k LED tv and it might be a projector and a screen?

The best device you use will depend on your personal preference like some rooms may not support a video projector.

Depending on the size of the room and then you will be left with other options which are Tv Technology some movie freaks whereas some may want a 4k video quality while some will get satisfied with 1080p quality   

Moreover, big screens are not always good for a home theatre as we said it depends on your room size. So visit here to calculate what size of screen you need according to your room size.

Home theatre projector - Shoptosmile


The receiver connects your speaker, your audio device, and your video device it is the heart of your theatre setup and a receiver may also work as an amplifier.

sometimes and some receiver has their speaker while others have input so you can use any speaker.

A room for home theatre 

Moreover, the room is the most important component of this setup as the quality of setup depends upon the room

In addition, room with a rectangular shape with low lights and if the light is coming from windows so cover the windows with curtains    

Furniture placement is also considered so while you sit it can determine that where the screen and the audio speaker should be placed.


Sound is the biggest factor if you want to enjoy a movie and If you’re building up a home theatre. So it is recommended to invest a good amount in speakers

It always improve the quality, as a result, you can have more fun while watching the movie The speaker placement should be, two front speakers, two back speakers, and center speaker, and a subwoofer with all these.

You can also experiment with this placement to determine with speaker position is better according to your room.  

Speaker - Shoptosmile

Surge Protectors

The main factor behind all this is electricity and it all happens because of electricity.

We can not predict anything about the voltage spikes and it can damage your expensive equipment so for this, we advise you to use a surge protector and keep your expensive equipment safe.


Home theatre allows us to enjoy movie time hassle-free without loud people and overpriced popcorn. We advise you to read the full information given above before building your theatre.  

So plan and get your dream home theatre now and experience a wide range of movies at home and enjoy your time with family.  

If you want information about more cool gadgets and you can visit Shoptosmile and contact us .


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